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It would be possible for another school to offer you a scholarship for next year but not an NLI, they are not the same thing while you are still at your current school, but, of course, only if your school grants you permission to have contact with other schools. Hey Rick, quick question regarding athletic scholarships: Is it legal after a student-athlete sports player receives scholarship money of a certain amount and being financially cleared, a few days later the coach or whoever be able to reduce that amount that has already given to that student-athlete without reasoning?

Trying to wrap my mind around all this…. Claire, Costs to travel with the team will be covered by the school. Be very wary of such an offer.

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There is no guarantee that the school will honor that commitment — even if the same coach is still there by that time. What would be an example of that do you mind being a little more specific with detail to help me better understand? Because I may have worded my question incorrectly ….

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My daughter is being pursued by two Div1, one Div2 and one Div3 schools. Money is a huge factor on whether or not she is even able to go straight to a four-year school. Kevin, Your question would need to be answered through a paid consultation, as I would need to talk to you to make sure I have all the pertinent facts. Contact me directly if interested. Kelly, She is not required to commit before the FAFSA info is known, but the colleges may not let her wait that long before moving on to the next recruit.

Talk to the financial aid office at each school and see if they can give you an estimate of what you might qualify for. Can school cancel athletic scholarship during same term it was awarded and not inform you of cancelling it.

My daughter is playing D1 soccer and received scholarship money. She is absolutely miserable and wants to get out of her commitment. She plays soccer so the season is almost over. Would we be responsible for paying back all of the scholarship money, or could it be prorated, or is it worked on a case by case basis with player and Athletic Department. I got a question, Are there like more options being freshman or transferring from a Community College? I mean a university has preferences?

Or they both have the same chances? Thank you very much. Rick, I have recently committed to a Div. I University as a pitcher, and I am now in the current process of applying to the school, and trying to get academic money. I got a 29 on my ACT, and therefore I am at a disadvantage for trying to get academic money when I am in a pool with applicants with higher test scores.

Will being athletically committed to the school help me receive more money? Also, will applying early decision help me get more money? Thanks, Clay. I would be intersted in any guidance or advice you could offer. Elizabeth, That would depend upon the policies of the athletic department at her school. Darrin, It will depend upon the policies of the school, as some schools will not cover off-campus housing. Ivan, If you want to be recruited to a bigger college, from a smaller one, a two-year college is where you should start out at. Clay, Being an athletic commit should not affect how much academic money you qualify for.

Being early decision might make a difference, depending upon the policies of the school. Have you heard of that scenario before. I would think the baseball program could provide their scholarship regardless, but there may be a school or state rule regarding that. Does that sound correct? When your son signs the NLI, he is committing to attend that school for at least one full academic year in exchange for receiving an athletic scholarship from the school. In that case of not meeting the condition then what is his status then? And thank you for your expertise.

So it may be possible to have signed a nli but not get athletic money.

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It was offered but might not meet the term and conditions. However, she has heard she will have to pay back her scholarship after this season if she does not return the next year. Thanks for any help!!!! My daughter is a high school senior and a swimmer. She was invited on an official weekend recruiting trip by a D1 school for their swim team.

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Upon her return, the coach emailed and called her. He seemed very enthusiastic about her and would like her commit. I get the feeling this coach is really not interested in her as he is offering no money. Do we hold out and see if he ultimately offers some? Call his bluff so to speak? Or move on?

Is he stringing her along?


This school is my daughters 1 choice. I would appreciate your thoughts. My contact info is on the About Us page of our website. I currently got offered by a DII school to play softball.

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But they are just giving me a semis my freshman year. If I do earlier signing in November will they scholarship me off of those academic scores or will they use my ones that I get from December when they come in? Jacie, Your academic scholarship money should be based off your highest SAT score, even if it is after you sign. Rick, I am a senior and play basketball at a div II school. I am receiving close to a full scholarship. Due to some family issues I want to graduate early in December. I have not confronted my coach because I am afraid he will take my scholarship.

And if I quit and graduate can they take my scholarship? Thanks for your time. Hunter, If you quit the team before you graduate, the school does have the right to immediately cancel your scholarship. Whether they would make you repay for this semester is left up to the school. Hi Rick Sir, I am from India. I play tennis and I am ranked in the top 20s in the girls under 16 category nationally. I also attended an Indian team selection camp recently. I am 15 years old. Sir, I wanted to ask that am I eligible for a tennis scholarship now?

So, I will need a scholarship or financial aid to train abroad and improve the level of my game. Will be looking forward to your reply. Priyana, In order to be eligible for a college team and a scholarship opportunity in the US, you will need to have graduated from your equivalent of a US high school and met certain academic requirements. Hi Rick My daughter is a junior in high school and was offered an athletic scholarship at a D1 school.

Can an incoming red-shirt from a high level division 1 university receive a academic scholarship for his 1st year then receive an athletic scholarship his second year and have 4 years of playing eligibility? Hi Rick, my son is receiving d1 partial scholarship. Can his grandma pay the balance? The NLI states no other money can be received other than from parent or legal guardian.

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  4. I appreciate your help! Sean, The answer to your question about a scholarship is yes. Rick, My daughter recently received a D1 soccer scholarship offer.

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    Also the tender only shows the year one offer whereas the written offer given by the coach shows percentages for each of years 2, 3 and 4. What about future years? My daughter just verbally committed to a Division II University.

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    She wants to participate in early signing which is this Wednesday through following Wednesday. Letter of intent is a binding agreement right? Should it contain the specifics of the athletic financial offer? Merit money offer? If it does not, should we not sign it?