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Why will you always still pass by this way, If the girl will not have you and always says nay? The soles of your shoes you will thus wear away. Da Siena. Flower of Indian wheat! I stand at my window and gaze on the sea, I watch all the fishing boats coming to lee ; The boat of my sweetheart, it comes not to me! And as if they had one foot inoperative. Of course Indian corn is not wheat.


Prendi il cor mio, fanne corona Cosi del tuo farei, bella persona. All in present use in this neighbourhood, and selected. E quando ci venivo non volevi Diceva che da babbo ne toccava Ora non vengo pih. Perchb mi chiedi? Quando passi di qul passi Oantando Io poverina sto nel letto e intendo Volto le spalle a mamma e forte piango. Take thou my heart, and for a chaplet use it ; So I with thine, if only I might choose it.

From the Duchy of Lucca. Therefore I come no more. Why do you ask for me? Time was, a hope I nurtured, at thy hint ; Patience alone remains. That hope is spent! Your voice is raised in song when you pass near, While I, poor I, lie prone in bed and hear. I turn from mother, and pour out many a tear. Floweret flowering! Come far questo tempo a passare? Consoler b questo mio cor affritto Cor inviahi questo fogghio scritto. Though originally used as letters, they yet reckon as songs. I go from thee, and yet I still seem near.

How shall I pass this time, away from one so dear? If seas were ink, and skies all one broad sheet, A letter-writer every several star, They could not tell one half my love how great, Though their pen always in their hand they wear. I go from thee, — this makes my heart to greet ; For to have speech of thee, vain hope it were; And so with anxious pain my heart is riven, Lest to another swain thy heart be given. The thought of thee I every moment cherish ; Mine eyes over their own long crying, weep 1 I cannot come to thee, nor yet may send, For there is none who knows the way to find.

These, which I give in i. Ed io degghi stornelli ne so sei Gionottini ne so pill di voi A uno a uno vegghi cantorei.

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E la mia mamma mi fece in un campo E a fammi le bellezze nun fu tempo. Sigari a mazzo! Pistojesc dialect and many variants of them, seem to be common in every part of Italy for this purpose. Of stornelli my knowledge is vast. Take a bench, please, to sit down and rest. I know more than you, my young rustics. Ask the butterflies if you want more. Floweret of silver! Mother worked in the fields when I was bom to her. Directly I find me in love with thee.

What a pretty little couple we shall be! Un core addolorato non se rallegra pill! Un Contrasto. O marfattore! O quanto mal facesti! P avevo uno stomo a me me lo prendesti. I only put myself in opposition to him with die greatest diffidence, but 1 cannot feel any aoubt that the interpretation I have adopted is the right one. H3 The Starunc. O thou sad wrong-doer! Now for the promised payment, No plain of thine for me ; But I require thee to bring My birdie back to me.

We have seen it in use in Preface, p. Now for that promised payment No palace offer me ; But I require thee to bring My birdie back to me. Now for that promised payment, No stallion offer me ; But I require thee to bring My birdie back to me. O marfattore, etc. Now for that promised payment, That infant give to me ; Still I require thee to bring My birdie back to me. Her acceptance of it, and the sly demand for the restitution of her pet all the same, makes up a very pretty con- ceit.

It denotes both a little song setting the air for a dance, and the dance which it measures. The Vilota generally consists of four lines, the first and third agreeing by rime or assonance ; the second rarely rimes ; the fourth is a repetition of the first. There was once a humpbacked old woman surnamed La zota - the figure of fun, so ugly and moustached that she only barely escaped being hunted dmvn as a witch. The vulgar, after their manner, determined to make the wedding an occasion for baccano uproar.

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The title and the dance are locally peculiar, but imported caati are found adapted even to the Vilota. This conciliatory conduct had the desired effect. Never had such an entertainment before been known, and so greatly did the malcontents enjoy the unexpected free commons, that it was unanimously decided to cele- brate the memorable occasion by returning every Mon- day of September the feast had taken place on the first Monday of September in every future year to spend a joyful festa in drinking, singing, and dancing — a custom which has not altogether died out Venetians were wont to commemorate every event by song ; Goldoni said of them, u Cantano ndlle piazze, cantano nelle strade, can- tano sopra i canali ; cantano i mercatanti spacciando le loro mercanzie ; cantano gli operai abbandonando il lavoro ; canta il gondoliere aspettando il padrone.

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Though the Vilota is properly a dancing song, it is also used for serenades. All the Vilote are not so joyous ; from the Castello and Canaregio quarters arose melancholy ones about the dangers of the sea. The Venetians have another dance-song called Furtana, which is danced to a quicker step than the Vilote and by women alone. They call some of their songs Nane. As I have already said in the Preface, it appears to be generally agreed among the Italian and German searchers after the Folk- songs of Italy that most that is purely Italian in them started from Sicily.

The statement does not satisfy me, but I do not know enough about the subject to contro- vert it, and JL repeat what I find to be the result of the investigation of the better informed. The influence of the troubadour songs of Provence is scarcely felt beyond the region of Piedmont in the songs of the people y and there only in scant measure.

Seven thousand popular songs have been collected by Dr. Pitrb and others in Sicily, and among these are found in immense proportion the original form of those which have become current throughout the Peninsula. Tuscany received them with open arms, and polished and adorned them, and then poured them into Venice — for example, by the hands of the silkweavers of Lucca, who migrated thither , and other similar means.

Te su vageta per darte dolore ; E non pensar che sia per to dileto. Doi ochi ladri, etc. Thy two roguish eyes consume my heart, So sweet and soft are thy glances of love.