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Corsets under clothes is more historical. So the visible corset automatically makes me think steampunk. As for her not wearing one, much less as a top on its own, I keep thinking about Firefly if it had been written as a series of books instead of a TV show. Kaylee was almost always fully dressed in coveralls or something similarly casual. Wink in a corset is eye-catching in a way that Wink in coveralls might not be. For myself as a reader my bigger question is does she look like Wink otherwise?

I like the cover. We hope you enjoy Steamed. We're no longer adding new content, but we have lots of great stuff. Writing Steampunk Fiction.

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Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Loved it, so much fun. And best to read these books in order. Much better Much better than the earlier books in the series. Oct 26, Juliet rated it really liked it Shelves: books. Love Steampunk and the originality of each story. Oct 15, Tracy rated it liked it Shelves: steampunk-romance , netgalley-arc. Though her strengths lie with all things mechanical, even she could see the haunted loneliness in his eyes the day her adoptive parents wed.

It has been enough to make her yearn to be the one to soothe that ache. She just had to grow up first. Unfortunately, when she finally does, Liam has other ideas. Wink deserves someone far better than he, safer and more stable, and Liam knows that the beast inside him is none of those things. One of his best friends, however, is. He's a Knight of the Round Table and would make Wink the perfect husband.

Maybe once she's married Liam will finally stop dreaming of her. That is if he can control the possessive fury that stirs his beast whenever he sees her with another man.

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It becomes obvious that fate has other things in store for them both when Wink comes to him for help after the son of a friend from her old life goes missing. The investigation throws them into very close and frequent contact even as it uncovers some disturbing facts about odd disappearances all over the city. As the tension mounts and the danger rises, Liam is finding it harder and harder to imagine his life without Wink in it The main story arc was layered and suspenseful, and any series arc elements remained ancillary to the external conflict and the romance.

While I did feel a lack of emotional connection to some of the secondary characters who had obviously been previously introduced in the series, it didn't at all negatively impact my ability to understand the world or follow the story. I will admit, some aspects of the world and story struck me as a little odd, but that's not uncommon when I jump into an existing series somewhere in the middle. I think that's just a result if missing out on the learning curve and detailed explanation of mythos that generally builds in the first few books in a series.

I will say, the more I read in the steampunk genre, the more I enjoy just about everything about it.

In this one Pape had a goldmine in Wink, who was exactly my sort of female protagonist. Keenly intelligent, impatient with society's limitations, free-thinking and spirited, she's great.

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By far my favorite character in the book. Liam, though he had his charms, wasn't quite as appealing to me. In his defense, he had his reasons such as they were , but there's little that annoys me faster than a guy who makes unilateral life decisions for the woman he's interested in. As a source of relationship conflict, it's not one that works for me, so Liam's attempts to get Wink married to his friend frustrated more than it entertained, even as I got a chuckle whenever he got growly about seeing them together. The issue with the friend persisted long into the book, too, seriously impinging on the evolution of the romance between the main characters.

As a result, it felt like there was a severe lack of any significant romance in general, with the vast majority of the plot focusing on the investigation into the rash of disappearances. Those were some dark, ominous, suspenseful threads that I enjoyed for most of the book, but the lack of romance disappointed. I did think the story bogged down a bit as it started to approach the climax, the mystery elements loosing a little suspense as the lack of answers dragged on and on. The climax itself also had some elements that I couldn't quite connect to. It was really the first time I felt not reading the earlier books had noticeable impact on my appreciation of the read.

Though not without its issues, I still enjoyed much of this book, and I have a renewed appreciation for Pape, whose work I was previously only marginally familiar. She's an author to keep an eye on in the steampunk genre. Her authorial voice and the definition in her female protagonists are a boon for me as a reader, and I'm greedy with things like that. I look forward to more. This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own. Nov 27, Fangs for the Fantasy rated it liked it. The Hadrian brood is all grown up and now the children are finishing their education, or engaged in work for the order.


From the moment she was saved by Constable Liam McCullough, Wink fell hopelessly in love with the werewolf. Though Liam McCullough holds Wink in high regard, his troubled past has led him to believe that he is simply not husband material. Liam is determined to play Cyrano de Bergerac to Wink's suitor Connor.

Liam's firm belief is that if he can get Wink safely married off to a man he knows will not mistreat her, that she will be safe from him always. Like all good plans of mice and men, things don't work out the way that Liam plans. People and animals are going missing in Wapping, the area where Wink ran the streets as young street urchin and in order to solve the mystery, Liam must work closely with the entire Hadrian brood, thus drawing him closer to Wink than Liam feels comfortable.

Against a backdrop of intrigue and even threats the Queen Victoria herself, Liam must deal with the ghosts of his past, as Wink presses him to believe in the pure goodness of his nature. As a protagonist, I quite liked Wink. She is not the fainting type and actually prefers to have good solid clothing which she can move freely in and work in. Having been given the freedom to pursue her interests, Wink works for The Order as an engineer and is fully capable of supporting herself.

Wink has no patience with being treated as though she is delicate and therefore rightfully bristles when she left out of part of the investigation, and when Liam suggests she should retire from danger. When Liam is resistant to a relationship, she initiates sex, with no shame or discomfort. Wink has a strong personality, with a mind of her own.

Pape did a great job of creating an interesting mystery to build the relationship between Liam and Wink around. We once again had the inclusion of Aunt Dorothy, who is a lesbian. We are told that she has been in a loving committed relationship for years with Miss Julian but that it is simply not acknowledged in polite society.

I would have been happier to actually see Miss Julian in this novel, rather than simply a reminder that Aunt Dorothy is a lesbian. She and Miss Julian have been an item for decades and no one says a word. Gay people do not have a lifestyle, they have a life. Having a character use homophobic language to fight homophobia is not progressive. Perhaps most importantly, at no time British history has it ever been illegal for women to be lesbians. Nov 02, Marlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-romances-challenge. Talk about awesome. But the story does this pairing proud, as well as the previous bits we've seen of the Hadrian family-by-love that engineer Wink is very much a part of.

Although that would be Lady Winifred Hadrian to the likes of you or me. Wink's ladylike exterior is just that, an exterior. She's seen the worst that life has to offer. And just because she could become an idle society twit, doesn't mean she's constitutionally capable of it. Wink is still a genius engineer. And even though women can't become actual Knights, she's very much a valued employee.

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Her skills are too valuable to waste. But just because Wink has a career of her own doesn't mean she doesn't also want a home and family of her own. The only problem is that she's been in love with Inspector Liam McCullough for years. Since the day he and Merrick rescued her, in fact.