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For post processing I am using tvdb. I have been looking at the ini file to try and figure this out on my own but I just don't see or understand exactly how to parse specific information from the websites. I am trying to post process 21 channels for 1 week duration. Is this speed normal?

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  7. Perhaps my expectations to process 1 week of data is unrealistic? Does this all seem normal to you? I do see matches in the mdb. Attached are my config files and a few lines out of the log file which is hopefully enough for you to see what is going on. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


    Unfortunately the some of the grabbed titles and subtitles needs some changing in order to get matches. Without change there is a no-match for sure. Some samples via some arrays of mine:.

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    W" with "The One with". The operation has timed out.

    Even though mdb processing with tvdb. Could the different formats be unified? Crash occurs at Criminal Minds with subtitle of "X".

    ¿Qué hacemos con Maisie?

    Skip to main content. Search form Search. Login Register. How to limit mdb postprocess to English published by karimf on Wed, Thanks guys. Read more about How to limit mdb postprocess to English 1 comment Log in or register to post comments.


    Henry james

    But Daddy was going to buy Chuffnell Hall from him and turn it into a hotel. Daddy was going to kill you.

    Papi iba a matarte. Daddy was going to teach me.

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    Some of the girls were saying that I needn't give myself airs because everybody knew that Daddy was going broke. Daddy was going to build Derek and I a house as a wedding present. Papa la hizo contruir para Derek y yo, como regalo de boda. Daddy was going to quarrel with her and with her parents.

    Henry james

    Maisie Featherstone said I needn't give myself airs because everybody knew that Daddy was going broke, and all of Maythorpe would be sold, and all the furniture and everything, and that we'd have to go to the workhouse. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Suggest an example.