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Did I like her? Did I like her sass? Did I connect with her? I just can't quite put my finger on it. She fell flat for me.

There wasn't any depth to her. Since I couldn't remember her from the previous books, I didn't know how to process what happened between her and Richard. We were told what happened and how she felt, but it wasn't explained in a way that would make me sympathize.

Download e-book Kittys Class Day and Other Stories [with Biographical Introduction]

It was just kind of like Ta Da, the end. And don't even get me started about women who get mad when shit hits the fan, run away instead of sticking around to hear an explanation and then the next day are all about "I just want to know why! So it turns out that Kara is my fly in the honey, so to speak.

And the ending One minute she's sitting at the cafe having coffee, and then she's next to Dylan patching things up. I needed more than one sentence rationalizing how she finally came to the conclusion that she could get over everything and build a life with him. So now a rating Lucien and Sophie - 5 stars to be perfectly honest, I would have been happy if this was a novella solely focusing on them Dylan Day - 4 stars Kara - 3 to 3.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review View all 27 comments. I must confess that I'm sad that it's the last book in the series but it did leave me in a wonderful and content state. The fabulous Kitty French gave me a new couple in Dylan and Kara but she also included Lucien and Sophie and boy did she deliver fantabulousness. This book has angst, sexual tension, super-sexy-hot scenes faning myself , romance, drama, lust, beauty and LOVE.

Dylan is a man of secrets and a past 5 "What you see is what you get" Stars This is the last book in the Knight series.

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Dylan is a man of secrets and a past that he wishes he could forget. Kara is a spirited, sassy, what you see is what you get kinda of girl that has had her heart broken when she was left at the alter.

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Two broken souls not looking for love. Kara is Sophie's best friend and partner. Dylan comes to Ibiza and Lucien has a connection with Dylan and offers him a job as manager of the club. Kara and Dylan meet and well let's say that they have sexual chemistry that is sassy and swoonilicious Kara aka English- "It's my downfall. And sexy girls in cowboy boots. Though Dylan has a past, can he trust Kara with the details so that she doesn't leave?

He know he needs to tell Kara but will it come too late and at what cost? There was an extra slice of dessert in this book Lucien and his love for Sophie made me swoon, blush, cry, smile and wish that my name was Sophie. They have since had a child and we get to experience Lucien as a father as well.

I really can't talk about them too much for fear of spoiling what goes on with them but view spoiler [Lucien's proposal and then their wedding had me crying like a baby. It was so incredibly beautiful and moving and Lucien and Sophie are one of my all time favorite couples. Her love, her hero, and finally her husband. View all 25 comments. Aug 24, Wendy'sThoughts rated it really liked it. I like to spoil my friends and family with little things unexpectedly; I let myself be greedy about all the books I can get and then there is the indulging I have to fight when it comes to my diet.

Because like many out there, I must work to stay at a healthy weight and it is not always easy. It is easy to have that one slice of deliciously beautiful rich chocolate layer cake or whatever strikes your fancy It is easy to taste it Savor it To feel that euphoria, the unbelievable pleasure, it just makes you wish for more…… That is how strong I feel about Lucien Knight….

Lucien Knight is an indulgent … a desire which could never be fulfilled. He is that good. He was my first book man that I would want in real life. He had principles, morals; a code by which he lived.

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Plus he was just a fucking Viking God…. That he rescued Sophie from herself and showed her who she really was and capable of being only enhanced his draw for me. The creation of him and his journey with Sophie was like that perfect dessert; smooth, creamy and oh so mouth watering good. It was so good, I like many wanted more… and so we were given the extra slice, the second helping, that extra that can sometimes be perfect or sometimes can be just too much for us to handle. It was perfect in the way I love how Kitty French writes.

She has a way of drawing you in; allowing you to feel all of the rush and excitement in the moment; yet then those same feelings linger long after you have read the page. Her descriptions of the emotions surrounding the sex makes any of the acts so much more then the coupling of two people. She makes it all beautiful even when it is frantic, hard or feral.

Oprah by Kitty Kelley

Her talents were displayed proudly throughout the book and had her special feel. The additional characters and plot points were where I felt that feeling of having one slice too many …. She has been through everything with Sophie; her marriage and divorce… and meeting Lucien and helping her though their challenges and now their success. She has partnered with Sophie in the boutiques in the clubs and it has been very successful. Her big hurdle was loving a man who constantly lied to her… to the point of leaving her at the altar.

She is recovering from this betrayal, one which rings so true as her father was the same way. The little voice in her head asks why do men lie to her; is she not worthy; is it so apparent to the male of the species she is the one to never receive the love she so wants? She comes to Ibiza with Sophie to meet up with Lucien who is opening his 10th club.

It has been under construction and is almost ready to open. Kara is looking to clear her head, work and not get into anything that could be complicated. Our other part of this plot is Dylan… or at least that is what he is calling himself at the moment. Dylan is from California and we are shown by his actions and thoughts, he is running away from something. Dylan is another delicious creation from Kitty.

He is lean lanky golden with the air of a younger guy… he can just stand there doing nothing and looks all yummy. He was swagger and charm; the type that works on women, men and children… But he has sadness and his eyes hide it. When coming into the club looking for the former owner, finding Lucien instead, he reacts with grace but shows a need Lucien can relate to.

Lucien sees a bit of how he use to be and takes a chance on Dylan. He gives him a trial run at the club and hopes his instincts are right. That is the set up: Dylan with guilt and things he is running from; Kara with a need to somehow recover from her humiliation and repair herself worth. These two, of course, connect and the chemistry between them is off the charts. This is where I would like to say…. French… you did not let me down in any way with your sex, loving times between Lucien and Sophie or with Dylan and Kara.

She had a quick wit and it was counterbalanced right back by Dylan. You gave me hot, males whispering in the ears telling every filthy terrific things that they wanted to do with their women. Your descriptions were real laced with the emotions we all could understand and want. Lucien and Dylan felt authentic as men and Sophie and Kara were women to appreciate. I could see where this was going, what was going to take place and it sadden me.

PDF Kittys Class Day and Other Stories [with Biographical Introduction]

I felt Dylan needed to be more of a stand up guy. His turmoil and issues were also things he had already handled, responsibly, so his continued angst about them made it difficult to accept the deception. Another thing which hampered this book was the formatting; it was off. We were blessed with multiple points of views but there was no distinction between the telling. This caused an interruption of flow for me. I was able to figure things out but it was something I was aware of constantly.

I remember I sometimes feel too full and uncomfortable because I just had too much…… But then I remember how tasty and good it was going down, how much I love the experience… And the ending was everything and more…well, duh, it is Kitty French, you guys… So I know I will indulge again… as Ms. French is a guilty pleasure worth having… over and over again.